Aman Awalom
 I grew up in Santa Rosa and attended Montgomery High School. After High School I attended SSU where I earned my B.S. with a Major in Accounting. I then attended UCSF where I earned an M.A. in International Business, my career goal was to become a CPA with a large firm. I quickly realized that wasn't the path that was right for me. I found myself drawn to social work and started working in a group home where I worked along side Jordan. Over the past ten years working together we have created a close friendship. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business and run it with someone I enjoy working with. I asked Jordan to be my business partner while working at the group home. He thought I was crazy, but I knew the two of us could create something great that all of Sonoma County could enjoy. Thanks for checking out our site. Aman Awalom
 Jordan Loiseaux
I grew up in Sonoma County, specifically Santa Rosa where I attended local schools like Comstock Middle School and Piner High School. I  have been working with Special Needs and At-risk youth for over ten years and I've also been running a Plumbing business. I strive to create successful businesses that I am passionate about and that can serve our community in diverse areas.  When Aman came to me with this idea to open up a smoke shop I thought it was crazy. However, I have been to many shops within Sonoma County and knew that there was room to improve. When Aman and myself started on our creative path there was no turning back. We went on such a journey to find the best quality, best prices and newest products out there. We have traveled from the Bay to LA to find products that our customers will love.  We are very excited to offer our customers a clean and friendly environment that feels as comfortable as home. We invite you all to Stop bye and check it out.  Jordan Loiseaux